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Exchange rates

Exchange rates of several currencies in relation to CUC. Bear in mind that what is shown is the amount of CUC which can be acquired with a unit of the currency.

 Moneda  Symbol Value
Pound GBP 1.5193
Canadian dollar CAD 0.7647
Swiss Franc CHF 1.0270
Japanese Yen (*) JPY 120.4819
American dollar (**) USD 1.0000
Mexican Peso MXN 0.0599
Danish Krone DKK 0.1504
Norway Krone NOK 0.1201
Sweden Krone SEK 0.1206
Euro EUR 1.1219
Convertible Cuban peso CUC 1.0000

( *) Yen amount per CUC.
(**) A tax of 10% is applied before performing the conversion.

Average Exchange Values are shown, selling and buying values may vary. Exchange rates are updated every hour.